Aquaculture and Blue Economy

Our vision is to transform aquaculture from experienced-based to knowledge-based and respond to the global food challenge for higher food production at highest quality levels while using less resources.

We use information technologies to help aquaculture companies increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality and produce in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.

Asset and Maintenance Management

Intelligent, powerful and practical asset and maintenance management system. We can help you to reduce maintenance and operating costs, improve equipment performance, reduce failures and downtime, make efficient use of staff resources and optimize inventory and purchasing processes.

Internet of Things (IoT)

High performance data acquisition and control systems that are easy to use with minimum requirements for electric supply and communication infrastructure. Flexibility and modularitylow acquisition and maintenance cost.

Business Intelligence

We can help you to collect your business data from all sources and departments into one place and create a single source of truth, create comprehensive, powerful and eye-catching visuals and dashboards and empower decision-making. Together with you, we will create professional dashboards visualizing your data, that will specifically answer your individual business requirements.

Our solutions are fully customized to meet your unique needs. The main technologies used are Power BI and OLAP Cubes.

Data Analytics

Data analytics help you to unlock the power of the data, get control of the business, take better decisions and increase operational efficiency and growth. You can use the results of the analysis to drive improvements in terms of costsales revenueemployee productivity etc. We offer a comprehensive data mining solution based on an integrated platform, taking you from raw data to accurate business-driven analytical models with a seamlessefficient process.

You can create highly accurate descriptive and predictive models to help your organization understand not only what has happened, but what will likely happen next.

Digital Transformation

We can assist you to find and implement the best solutions for digital transformation in the areas of cloud migrationintegration of existing systems (for example, in Mergers and Acquisitions) and business intelligence. We will help you to develop a long-term vision, organize and transform your internal processes and implement the solutions in such a way that they stay effective in the long term. Over the last years we have successfully completed challenging digital projects dealing with M&A IT Systems integration and migration to the cloud.