About Us

i2s was established in 1997. We are a high-tech company specialized in the area of information technology. Our mission is to develop and deliver innovative technologies that help businesses become more competitive and at the same time have a positive impact on society and the environment. Our services assist our clients to put this technology to work.

We activate,

Through specialized business units, in 6 main domains:

  • Aquaculture and Blue Economy
  • Maintenance management
  • Service management
  • IoT
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Digital Transformation

We are customer-focused,

Technology and innovation are our passion, but so is customer success. We offer customization services and continuous support to address their specific needs and challenges. Not one-size-fits-all approach.
Our customers are at the heart of our company and we build long-term relationships with them. We are focused on our customer rather than on profits and committed to provide them exceptional products and services. We incorporate customer feedback into all our activities, from product design and R&D to project implementation and customer service.

We are focusing on,

State-of-the-art technologies, sustainability and with a client-oriented philosophy we operate around the globe, providing to our customers integrated, end-to-end solutions. Our customer base includes companies and organizations from all over the world from Europe to North America, South America, Middle East, Asia and Africa.